elektrownia11Our specialized offer for investors focuses on the energy sector.
We deal with both the based on conventional energy sector:

- coal,
- gas,
as well as renewable energy sources.

These investments are implemented in various forms such as, e.g.:
- EPC,
- BOT,
- governmental contracts,
- or special purpose vehicles established for specific projects

IN The Capital Group: Kingwaytone Chinese-Polish Investment Company together with Institute, WE HAVE AT OUR DISPOSAL:

- Specifically selected team of professionals
- Local professional companies which are the best in the industry.
- Access to and knowledge of most projects in the energy sector
- Sufficient level of knowledge and contacts to help investors
POWER SECTOR - this is our favourite sector where we have achieved a lot and where we feel very strong - thanks to our highly qualified staff and many years of our team’s experience.

Below you will find selected projects which are already being implemented and which our team actively participated in in the past and significantly contributed to winning a portfolio of governmental contracts in several countries for a value of over USD2bln.

As well as 3 projects (the implementation of which is probable in the future) for a power plant construction - total capacity of 3,000 MW.
Total value of these projects amounts to more than USD 5 bln.



1. POLAND – years 2013 – 2017 - below you will find examples of 6 awarded and already being implemented Contracts (Awarding Entity - PSE SA – ) – where the chief coordinator of Chinese companies’ bids and the Contracts winning procedure was the present co-owner of The Capital Group: Kingwaytone Chinese-Polish Investment Company and Institute – Mr. Tomasz Karwowski:

A. 3 governmental contracts (awarded in public tenders) for PINGGAO GROUP LTD a subsidiary of the world’s biggest energy group STATE GRID CORPORATION OF CHINA (SGCC)

1) Investment valued at USD100M (2013):
“Construction of 400 kV Żydowo Kierzkowo – Słupsk line and construction of 400/110kV Żydowo Kierzkowo substation including installation of a 220/110 kV (auto)transformer”.

2) Investment valued at USD35M (2014):
„Reconstruction of 400 kV switching station and reconstruction of 110 kV bay in 400/220/110 kV Kozienice Substation”.

3) Investment valued at USD20M (2014) :
„Construction of 220 kV line from Pomorzany substation to the intersection of Krajnik-Glinki lines, including extension of 110 kV Pomorzany substation by 220 kV switching station”


B.  2 governmental contracts (awarded in public tenders) for 2 companies of POWER CHINA Group

1) for Sinohydro Corporation   – February 2016, USD45M -  “Construction of 400 kV line Chełm-Lublin Systemowa”

2) for Shanghai Electric Power Construction Corporation –  February 2017, USD28M -  “Expansion and modernization of 750/400/110 kV Rzeszów substation including installation of passive power compensation devices”


C. Next received order : 2015 -2016 is an implementation by SPECO Chinese company – of a supply of high voltage towers (400 kV) – 12,000 tons for Spanish contractor named ALDESA.



– only in the sector of construction of power lines and substations implemented as governmental contracts awarded under public tenders organized by the Polish state high voltage network operator (PSE SA)
– Mr. Tomasz Karwowski and our team prepared Bids, supplies and led to effective award to the above-specified Chinese companies of a total portfolio of Investments and Contracts valued at more than USD 300M over the last 3 years ...

2. AT PRESENT - we actively participate in next investment programs and procedures aimed at winning new governmental Contracts for the construction of high voltage power lines and substations - by means of public tenders or negotiations in countries such as:
- Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and a few other countries.

3. GLOBAL ACTIONS – aimed at winning subsequent contracts from these countries are the best examples of our global reach in active cooperation with Chinese contracting companies belonging to several major Chinese state-owned groups.