About us

jablkoWe are highly specialized companies aimed at searching for and assisting in the implementation of attractive infrastructure investments.

We have specialized in joint projects with large state-owned Chinese companies since 2012.

Our natural core markets are the countries of Europe, Asia and South America. These are the places where we win and implement big, mainly governmental, contracts in the infrastructure sector (energy, railway, renewable energy, construction of oil and gas pipelines).

Investments implemented in the form of public contracts as well as special purpose vehicles for specific investments.
Only over the last 3 years (2013 – 2017) our contracts won on these markets exceeded the value of USD 2 billion.
Our most spectacular successes have been achieved in the energy sector (construction of transmission lines and substations) - where the order portfolio only in Poland and Belarus has already exceeded USD 1.5 billion....

The Capital Group: KINGWAYTONE Chinese-Polish Investment Company together with Institute have a broad experience in major energy projects and infrastructure, industry.  The Capital Group KINGWAYTONE Chinese-Polish Investment Company together with Institute have at its disposal a selected team of highly professional and dedicated people and has access to the most prominent companies in the infrastructure sector.
Through the personal involvement of its focused and business oriented partners and its independent financial resources it is able to act fast and decisively.

In the last years The Capital Group KINGWAYTONE Chinese-Polish Investment Company together with Institute has successfully established Partners and realized projects in many countries (Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and others).

We use our unique experiences and resources to identify and manage the challenges posed by the global marketplace, providing the confidence to work in any business environment.